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Hey I'm New....

I just wanted to introduce myself to everyone
My name is Marlena and i love casper rose
She is such an amazing guitarist....just like her daddy

I am a big fan of the distillers...i just wanted to be a nerd and say that

Even though i have never met her it seems like i have
I mean i dated her old boyfriend (trust me i'm not bragging)
Lets just say he wasn't the best person in the world....
And needed more help then i could help him with
So of course i heard a lot of personal stuff about her
Which by the way i won't post in here, privacy is key and i'm not rude

I just really admire her, even though some people don't see it
She is really beautiful inside and out, just her music alone shows that
Just what she went through and what she still does go through

Keep on showing us the rage.....
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